Halloween Costume Guidelines

Student Leadership encourages all Spartans to support our School Spirit Dress Days.  Certain guidelines—as listed below—will apply.


Clothing must be in the spirit of school rules/dress code for appropriate dress. The administration reserves the right to direct any student inappropriately dressed to change into PE Clothes or other appropriate clothing for the remainder of the school day.


For safety and health regulations, shoes must conform to the Dress Code standards.


No item of clothing may be worn and no prop may be brought to school if it does any of the following:

  • may be construed as demeaning to any person or groups based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, nationality, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or to any individual staff or student at the school

  • contains discriminatory, profane, vulgar, sexually suggestive, obscene, threatening, or libelous language;

  • advertises/promotes consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs/drug paraphernalia, or use of weapons;

  • represents or is associated with gang membership;

  • causes a significant disruption or distraction to the school program


Additionally, for Halloween

  1. Masks may not completely obscure the identity of the student;

  2. Costumes may NOT include props such as real, replica, or fake guns/ knives/other weapons/dangerous objects, or any item that is not allowed on campus.

  3. No blood allowed, fake or otherwise.

  4. No costume can be worn that is unsafe or that may create a safety hazard.

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